Emerging Global Managerial And Leadership Skills Training By ISI Copy

International Standard Icon Pvt. Ltd ( ISI) organized a training on the topic of “Emerging Global Managerial and Leadership Skills” at Hotel radisson Kathmandu. The training was facilitated by the professional trainers from Thailand, Canada and Nepal. The participants were  70 in number from NGOS, INGOS, government office, corporate sectors and social organizations.

The trainers were Ram Chandran from Thailand, Karl from Canada , Sreejana Shrestha, Bhawesh Khanal and Krishna Khanal from Nepal. The training was targetted to the professional and managerial sectors said Raj Poudel, Director of ISI.

The training was given in the topics like global concept of management,self awareness, spirituality in management, effective team building and cooperation, risk management, leadership discover and explore and corporate culture.

” Identify Yourself” is our theme and we will organize such training in another parts of country said Srijana Shrestha, founder director of ISI.

ISI is associated with Asian Institute of Technology, Corporate Training Bangkok etc.

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